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PACL is looking for MS, MS/PhD, and PhD students, who are self-motivated, 
enthusiastic, creative, and challenging. Please contact Prof. Min Suk Cha for details.

Postdoctoral positions in PACL are available for those who have a specific expertise as listed below.

Experimental experts are preferred but not limited. As a nature of plasma assisted combustion, PACL is seeking for applications from diverse disciplines (e.g. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, and chemistry). 

  • Thermal arc torch
  • In-liquid discharges
  • DBD and nanosecond discharges
  • Flame dynamics (premixed, non-premixed, edge flames)
  • Electrically assisted flame control
  • Extensive experience with non-intrusive measurement techniques (e.g. OES and LIF) or chemical analysis skill sets (e.g. GC-MS) would be preferred.